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Naïve T-injected animals exhibited significant changes to the intestinal mucosa, including epithelial hyperplasia, expansion of the proliferative zone, loss of differentiation, and increased immune infiltrate ( Fig 1A and Re/Done stonewashed high rise jeans Discount Prices 88F2vvPFN
). The majority (18/20) of the naïve T cell-injected animals showed some degree of crypt hyperplasia and immune cell infiltration, which were highly correlated to one another and with the amount of weight lost ( Fig 1B–1D ). The increased height of the colonic crypts was due to the dramatic increase in the number of epithelial cells per crypt ( Footlocker Pictures Cheap Price Best Cheap Price Comme Des Garçons Comme Des Garçons buttonup knit cardigan Cheap Best Sale 100% Guaranteed Cheap Online Factory Outlet Online art569hZW
). Immunohistochemistry ( S2 Fig ) and immunophenotyping ( S3 Fig ) revealed that many immune cell types were present in increased numbers in the colons of animals with colitis. For example, in Rag1 null control animals, CD45+ cells made up only a small proportion of total colonic cells (0.1%–0.3%), and the majority of these cells were plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs). In naïve T-injected animals, the percentage of CD45+ cells showed a strong correlation with crypt hyperplasia ( Fig 1B ), and this infiltrate was composed primarily of CD4+ T cells, macrophages, and neutrophils ( S3 Fig ), although the relative proportions of these cell types varied from animal to animal.

Fig 1. Phenotypic characterization of murine colitis.

(A) Representative histology of colons from control regulatory T cell (Treg)-injected animals and naïve T-injected animals with inflammation. The left panels show hematoxylin–eosin (HE)-stained colons; the center panels show immunohistochemistry for Ki-67, a marker of undifferentiated cells; and the right panels show immunohistochemistry for mucin-2, a marker for goblet cells. (B) Plot of average crypt height in distal colon versus the percentage of total CD45+ immune cells in the tissue, showing a strong positive relationship. R was determined by Spearman correlation. (C) Plot of average crypt height in distal colon versus weight loss score, showing a strong linear relationship. R was determined by Pearson correlation. (D) Plot of the percentage of total CD45+ immune cells in the colon versus weight loss score, showing a strong linear relationship. R was determined by Pearson correlation. (E) Scatter plots of crypt height profiles for the animals from panel A. Each dot represents a single crypt measurement and its location within the colon from distal to proximal colon. Focal and continuous inflammation classes were defined based on these profiles, with focal inflammation showing the variable phenotype (blue dots) and continuous inflammation showing consistent distal colon hyperplasia (red dots). The box at the bottom provides the immune infiltrate score at each location where crypts were measured, showing co-occurrence of hyperplasia and foci of immune infiltration. (F) Average crypt height profiles for each group, with the standard error about the mean indicated in shaded regions at points binned in 500-μm increments. N = 6, 7, and 8 for control, focal inflammation, and continuous inflammation, respectively. Underlying numerical values for panels B–F are provided in S1 Data .

OpenUrl CrossRef PubMed Web of Science Isabel Marant pinstriped scarf 100% Guaranteed Choice Sale Online Genuine Online VzSXLTH2
Schotta, G., Lachner, M., Sarma, K., Ebert, A., Sengupta, R., Reuter, G., Reinberg, D. and Jenuwein, T.
OpenUrl Abstract / FREE Full Text Google Scholar
Schubeler, D., Scalzo, D., Kooperberg, C., van Steensel, B., Delrow, J. and Groudine, M.
OpenUrl CrossRef Best Prices Cheap Online All Seasons Available Rick Owens cargo jogging trousers Affordable Cheap Price Great Deals Cheap Online fhpF7fiG07
Web of Science Google Scholar
Selker, E. U., Freitag, M., Kothe, G. O., Margolin, B. S., Rountree, M. R.,
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Written by Tom Jackson

To mark the recent international women’s day, Rwandan ride-hailing platform SafeMotos announced it had added the first female moto-drivers to its network.

Safemotos, a smartphone app that allows customers to order motorcycle taxis to their desired pickup location, has crowdsourced funding to help it find and train female moto-taxi drivers.

The company is also now in the process of developing a product that matches female customers with female drivers, with co-founder and CEO Barrett Nash saying western insurance companies have known that female drivers are safer for decades, while in Africa there is still often the misconception that many women cannot even drive.

“To many consumers, female motorcycle taxi drivers is laughable. However, SafeMotos is working with 35 female motorcycle taxi drivers to bust this misconception and what has been most startling is that it seems to be working,” he said.

“Most customers do not even recognise that the driver they take is even a female below the helmet. Some of the harshest misogynists have been having to eat humble pie.”

You could be forgiven for thinking, in spite of the undoubted positives of this story, that the announcement is opportunistic, and perhaps it is. Yet ride-hailing apps could have a very positive role to play in boosting women’s income and easing their entry into the transportation industry.

A report by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), named Driving Toward Equality: Women, Ride-Hailing, and the Sharing Economy , shows how ride-hailing fills a transportation gap for women as riders, improving their ability to travel to places that were previously inaccessible to them, and providing women with mobility and a greater sense of independence.

The report uses data provided by from Egypt, India, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa and the United Kingdom, surveying more than 11,000 female and male users of the Uber app.

Women drivers reported a higher income boost than men after taking up ride-hailing work, with the average income of women drivers once they began using the Uber app increasing across each market studied.

There was relatively good news from Africa, with South Africa having the second-highest proportion of women drivers (3.8 percent) in the six countries.

Uber’s Africa communications head Samantha Allenberg, however, said the company wants to do more on the continent when it comes to women.

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